Project Activities

Project activities consist of 3 main components:

A. Labour Market Needs Analysis

B. Enhancing Employability of Syrians under temporary protection Turkish Citizens

C. Capacity Building for Local Chambers and Companies

A: Labour Market Needs Analysis

Existing skills of Syrians under temporary protection and our citizens as well as skill demands of the companies in the implementing provinces will be analysed.

A.1: Desk research: Socioeconomic structure of the implementing provinces will be analysed with current statistical data on demographic, health, education level, unemployment rates and etc. in accordance with foreign trade data, by making comparisons with the rest of Turkey.

A.2: Field study for supply side analysis of the labour market: The existing vocational skills of approximately 6.500 Syrians under temporary protection and Turkish citizens living in 12 provinces will be identified.

A.3: Field study for demand side analysis of the labour market: The core skill needs of 1,000 firms operating in certain sectors in the project provinces will be identified.

B: Enhancing the Employability of SuTPs and Turkish Citizens

B.1: Profile making: The activity aims to identify the vocational skills of 30,000 people and select 20,000 beneficiaries among those to take vocational examination.

B.2: Testing and certification:

B.2.1:  Orientation days: The purpose of this activity is to enable the beneficiaries to have prior understanding on the examination system.

B.2.2:  Translating test materials and vocational standards into Arabic

B.2.3:  Vocational examinations and certification

B.2.4:  Matchmaking

B.2.5:  Financial incentives for companies: 3.000 certified beneficiaries are expected to be employed by the voluntary companies. In order to encourage the employment of certified labour force, all the costs related to work permits, the employers’ share for social security premiums for the beneficiaries to be employed as well as 10% of their gross minimum wage will be covered by the project budget maximum six months within the lifespan of the project.  

B.2.6:  Turkish language training: Employed Syrians will be directed to the “Turkish for Foreigners - Level A1” courses, provided by the Ministry of National Education’s Public Education Centres.

C: Capacity Building for Local Chambers and Companies

C.1: Information days

C.2: Design and development of an online information centre

C.3: In-house trainings for local project team experts

C.4: Study visit