Outcomes of the Project

Analysing vocational skills of Syrians under temporary protection and Turkish citizens and skill demands of the companies in the implementing provinces;

Identifying the existing vocational skills of 30.000 people

Vocational examination of 20.000 beneficiaries;

Vocational certification of 15.000 beneficiaries;

Employment of 3.000 beneficiaries with vocational certification;

In order to promote the employment of people whose vocational competencies have been certified, working permit charges, employer insurance premiums and 10% percent of their gross salary shall be met from the project budget for a duration of maximum 6 months during the project;

2.000 employed beneficiaries who need support for language sufficiency, shall be directed to free Turkish language courses in their districts;

In order to promote the employment of the people who are reached among the project, they shall be encouraged to participate in the existing free of charge vocational training courses.